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1Mark Adamson25,648
2Todd Litton25,500
3Mike Bastida25,480
4Mike Bastida25,414
5Mike Bastida25,350
6Weakness Vikot25,164
7Orhan Arpak-Fb25,160
8Mike Bastida25,136
9Turhan Turuncu25,122
10Todd Litton25,004
11Shanda Bastida24,980
12Ronayne Cromwell Vergara Saberola24,952
13Shanda Bastida24,904
14Mike Bastida24,770
15Sevtap Top├žu Demircio─člu24,750
16Mike Bastida24,728
17Mike Bastida24,710
18Todd Litton24,684
19Mike Bastida24,660
20Mike Bastida24,656
21Mike Bastida24,528
22Ishabella Peh24,506
23Mike Bastida24,492
24Mike Bastida24,490
25Mike Bastida24,478

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